Developing and bringing non-invasive screening methods to the people.

About us

Advanced screening for a better tomorrow

The Dutch Screening Group (DSG for short), is an official spin out of the Maastricht University, M4I and BL Investment Group BV.

Founded in 2018 by Brightlands Health Campus, Prof. dr. Steven Olde Damink, Prof. dr. Ron Heeren and BL Investment Group, the company focusses on the development of a screening platform that consist out of several high tech technologies, like the HDX® brand or TOF®. Both technologies a part of the screening platform DSG is building.
DSG has divided it’s activities in two different brands, HDX® (Hair Diagnostics) and TOF® (The Organoid Factory).


Cutting-edge technology

DSG has divided its activities into two different brands, HDX® (Hair Diagnostics) and TOF® (The Organoid Factory).

HDX - Hair screening

HDX is a non-invasive way of scanning a subject’s hair (animal or human) for all kinds of substances which were present during the recent past. A subject’s hair registers and stores all kinds of data, such as metabolic profiles to drugs, vitamin usage, and bio markers.  By analyzing a hair using the HDX mass spectrometry imaging technology (MSI), we can discover all of this information and create a timeline that can clearly show the level and moments of exposure.

TOF - Organoid therapies

By extracting a small sample from healthy and sick tissue, The Organoid Factory is able to grow small so called ‘’Organoids’’, which resemble the hosts body. Because the tissue is identical to the host TOF can use this to determine the best possible patient treatments based on the response and available therapies and drugs. This information can be supplied to the physician to determine the best possible treatment plan.

Making the invisible, visible