About DSG

About us

The Dutch Screening Group

Founded in 2018 by Brightlands Health Campus, Prof. dr. Steven Olde Damink, Prof. dr. Ron Heeren and BL Investment Group, the company focusses on the development of a screening platform that consists of several high tech technologies, like the HDX® brand or TOF®. Both technologies a part of the screening platform DSG is building.

DSG has divided its activities into two different brands, HDX® (Hair Diagnostics) and TOF® (The Organoid Factory).

Our mission

Making the invisible, visible.

Our vision

“Developing and bring non-invasive screening methods to the people which will enable an early stage warning and monitoring system for everyday issues including drugs of abuse, cancer and cardiac issues.”

Our goal

“Having a non-invasive technology which enables an early stage screening and detection for a wide range of applications in people with a strong focus on early-stage warning and monitoring of life treating diseases.”

Who we are

Meet our team

Prof. Dr. Steven WM Olde Damink

Prof. Dr. Steven W.M. Olde Damink (1968) is Professor of Translational Research in Gastrointestinal Surgery and leads the Division of Liver & Digestive Health at the Research School Nutrition & Translational Research in Metabolism (NUTRIM) of Maastricht University.

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He is one of the founders of the Dutch Screening Group. His clinical work focuses on Hepato-Pancreatico-Biliary Surgery and the care for the (metabolically) compromised patient. His key motivation is to improve patient outcome by transferring knowledge acquired in fundamental research into everyday clinical practice, and vice-versa to translate the clinical questions into basic research questions.

Prof. Dr. Ron M.A. Heeren

Prof. Dr. Ron M.A. Heeren (1965) is a distinguished professor and Limburg Chair at the University of Maastricht. He is the co-director of the Maastricht MultiModal Molecular Imaging (M4I) institute and heads the division of imaging Mass Spectrometry. 

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He is one of the founders of the Dutch Screening Group. He has developed innovative approaches towards high spatial resolution and high throughput molecular imaging technologies to evaluate the molecular complexity of biological surfaces such as hair and biological tissue. He has a strong interest in translational imaging for molecular screening in personalized medicine.

Cyrille Depondt

As current CEO of BL-Investment Group Cyrille Depondt plays an essential part in the Dutch Screening Group.

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After obtaining his bachelor’s degree at Hogeschool Zuyd in Sittard and Maastricht, Cyrille started his own electronic equipment recycling enterprise, Weelec, to contribute to the circular economy. Later on, he co-founded the investment company BL Investment Group, which focusses on collaborations with start-ups and scale-ups in the Life Science or Chemical fields. His interests lie in business innovation and development. Cyrille is also an active member of the Ronde Tafel 174 organisation in Maastricht and highly dedicated to supporting

Making the invisible, visible